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Santa is Getting Ready for the Annual Christmas Giving Tree!



Big Sky Rotary has sponsored four high school age Campers to go to Rotary Youth Leadership Camp in 2019. The Camper's told stories of their leadership training and the social growth they experienced...we are honored to know such fine young community members!
Big Sky Rotarians are helping preserve our lovely Big Sky Community Park by staining/preserving the Maintenance Building, staining picnic tables, and the decks around the Quanset Huts!
At The Big Sky Farmers Market on Wednesdays, vendors are using compostable food and beverage containers and composting! Please keep our community beautiful by using the Big Sky Rotary blue recycling bins (which are also used at the Music in the Mountains events)!
This project results from Big Sky Rotary partnering with the Town Center, Roxy’s, the Arts Council and YesComposting.
Big Sky Rotary and Gallatin River Task Force are a team to keep single use plastics from polluting our beautiful community and rivers, by offering free water and reusable bottles at the PBR.
"It was one of those beautiful spring mornings when you can almost see ice crystals on what appears to be a clear road. I had already experienced some instability on corners and driving over the first bridge while heading north towards Bozeman on 191 to my son’s track meet; but the driver coming from Bozeman was hitting his first the river crossing at the Lava Lake pull out. Both he and the car behind him were completely out of control on the bridge as I approached. The southbound truck collided with me head-on, completely crushing the entire driver’s side of my Suburban and setting off airbags in both vehicles. I remember climbing out of the car on the passenger side in a confused state. There was airbag dust everywhere that looked like smoke and a man yelling at me from the other side of the highway. His concern was whether we were all okay, and it appeared we were. His next concern was that we were in an extremely dangerous place, out of view of oncoming traffic and just across an icy bridge. I was unable to find my phone through the smoke and dust and was worried about my dog who was also missing. The people in the truck that hit me had yet to get out of their vehicle (they said they were okay, but seemed confused). I yelled to the man across the highway to please call 911. His reply threw me: ‘There’s no cell service here, ma’am!’  As a Big Sky resident, of course I knew there wasn’t service, but I had never thought about actually being in this situation in the canyon. It was then that I saw the Emergency Call Box literally across the highway. I can’t tell you my relief when I picked it up and immediately was speaking to an actual person who explained that help was on the way." 
"You never think you will be the one feeling helpless and stranded without cell service or help in the middle of the canyon. But it can happen. I am so very grateful for the Call Box near Lava Lake - I can’t tell you! I had told a local who passed by to please call my husband when they got to cell service, but the delay was excruciating. The emergency crew and sheriff were there so quickly due to the Call Box.  I feel like this definitely helped eliminate further accidents that icy morning. Thank you so much, Rotary Club, for proactively taking on this project and making a dangerous drive a little less stressful for us all!"
Jill Bough

Big Sky Rotary has installed a New Call Box at Taylor Fork! Our Number One Priority is the Safety and Wellness of our fellow community members! (Especially when your cell phone doesn't work!)
"I did the four day Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu; look what I found when I arrived!"

The Big Sky Rotary Club is thrilled to announce that Alexine Liddle is the recipient of the 2019 George Macdonald Scholarship! She has lived in Big Sky for fourteen years and was a homeschooled student. She has been accepted into the Montana State University Honors College and plans to study pre-veterinary medicine this fall. She has been a ski instructor at Big Sky Resort for three seasons and also works part time as a head cashier at Ace Hardware. She has been a volunteer for the horsemanship program at Eagle Mount and also volunteered at the Choteau veterinary clinic during the summer of 2016. She attended RYLA camp through the Bozeman Rotary Club. Congratulations Alexine!

BIG SKY- On July 12, Habitat for Humanity of Gallatin Valley and Big Sky School District, along with AmeriCorp volunteers, broke ground on the first-ever teacher housing project in Big Sky. The development will consist of two triplexes, providing six school-owned units on school district property.

“We’re excited to break ground on a groundbreaking accomplishment,” BSSD Superintendent Dustin Shipman said of the project; it’s the first time that Habitat has partnered with a school district to provide housing in Montana. 

The project will help address ongoing struggles the school district faces, from losing teachers that commute from Bozeman—which comprises half of the school district’s workforce—after an average of four or five years, or the crisis that teachers renting in Big Sky face when landlords suddenly give them a month to clear out so the house or apartment can enter the short-term rental market.

Coming in at approximately $130,000 per unit, the school district plans to rent the triplexes below market value.

Habitat for Humanity Gallatin Valley was awarded $400,000 in Big Sky resort tax funding by the Big Sky Resort Area District board of directors in June specifically for the project. The development, which was estimated in March to cost approximately $900,000, was also funded by a $600,000 levy voted in by the community in May.

According to David Magistrelli, executive director of Habitat for Humanity of Gallatin Valley, the first triplex should have exteriors finished by early October and be livable by late fall. Construction will begin on the second triplex as soon as possible spring 2020.

Magistrelli added that the project is about a month behind schedule at this point due to a combination of obtaining approval from the county and the respective homeowner association and the challenge of finding available contractors in Big Sky’s thriving building market.

“As soon as [the units are] done, we want teachers living in them,” Shipman told EBS. He said that teachers who choose to live alone would pay more than those that room with other school staff.

The school board is still determining many of the details concerning the units, Shipman said, such as reasonable occupancy per unit, rent costs and other factors. This dialogue will continue at their July 24 board meeting.

“I continue to be impressed with the power of partnerships in this incredible community,” said Ryan Hamilton of Town Center. “When we were designing the Plaza, we set what we thought was a realistic budget for a small playground, but when the bids came back, it was clear that our budget would need to be increased to get a fun and safe playground that the kids will use and that the community can be proud of. We reached out to Rotary of Big Sky and PRG Commercial (the Plaza contractor) with a partnership proposal and they were excited to support the project. Rotary then reached out to the YCCF for additional support in order to put the finishing touches on the project with the elastic safety surfacing. We are thrilled with the way that it turned out, and we thank them for their support.”

Witness this amazing documentary about Tsering's Fund on August 21st at the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center and enjoy a fundraising event for a worthy cause!  Rotary's own Pete Schmeiding, a Big Sky Dentist,  has produced this film during his visits to Nepal, and has adopted two Nepalese daughters.

Representatives from the Big Sky chapter of Rotary International, Big Sky Town Center and the Yellowstone Club Community Foundation gathered outside the newly-opened Wilson Hotel on July 17th, 2019 for a ribbon cutting ceremony commemorating the opening of a new playground for the children of Big Sky. The three organizations partnered in bringing this new amenity to the community.
Welcome Laura Seyfang as our new leader of Big Sky Rotary!  In addition to Leadership Month, July Rotary themes include:
  • Tree Planting
  • Reduce, Re-Use, Re-Cycle Waste
 so our group is right on track for our focus on Sustainability!
- Also in July, Lee Griffiths and volunteers will start construction of a NEW CALL BOX in Taylor Fork! (To be installed by August)
- The Big Sky Rotary will celebrate the New Playscape outside the Wilson Hotel Towncenter with a Ribbon-cutting Ceremony on July 17th at 7:15PM!
Big Sky Rotary is a proud sponsor of Spring 2019 Girls Futbol Program in Big Sky!
For more info about the player's activities and schedule check out:
 Seth Nelson and Miriam Schmidt spawned the concept of a youth cultural exchange program between Ronan High School students and Lone Peak High School students: over several days they’d share experiences including sports, art, cooking, and “hanging out” in order to learn from each other and develop an appreciation for each others’ lives and cultures. 
Big Sky Rotary has recently donated $2500 to The La Vega Water Project and $2500 to the Maya Pedal Project in Guatemala.  Our Big Sky Club members, Laura and Lee, along with three Lone Peak High School Seniors, are currently volunteering in Guatemala to help facilitate both projects.

Phase I: Water Global Grant 18-72020 in La Vega, Guatemala

Our Rotary project will impact over 1,300 lives in the community of La Vega, Guatemala by providing a safe and reliable drinking water source (Phase I) and sanitation services (Phase II). Phase I will involve drilling a well, constructing a water storage tank, and installing water distribution lines to homes. Phase I to provide potable water will cost $290,000. The second phase to improve sanitation will be constructed after Phase I is complete and operational.

Currently, residents of La Vega rely on individual shallow wells that are generally 30 feet (9.1 m) deep. Homes in the community use individual pit toilets. Therefore, most wells are contaminated by fecal coliform necessitating the need to boil water before drinking. In addition, the community is surrounded by sugar cane and rubber tree plantations and is located at the end of a large watershed. The proximity to production agricultural and location within the watershed introduces other pollutants to their drinking water. Water borne diseases are a constant presence in the community resulting in lost wages and poor health outcomes.

Phase I will solve the issue of contaminated water. To implement a successful project, our Rotary coalition has built strong partnerships with local and international organizations: Fundazucar, Rotary Club of Mazatenango, Engineers Without Borders, and a Guatemalan engineer. This project will be assisted through in-kind contributions from the communities in the form of local labor, local funding, and local leadership.

By providing clean and accessible water, this grant will give much-needed support to the existing community. With your support we can assist this community sustain and growth in a healthy environment.

We need you, your club, and district to help raise these funds to change lives. This project is led by Mitch McKinley with the Rotary Club of Kalispell, Montana in Rotary District 5390. We plan to submit this Global grant in June 2019. Help us transform the lives of people in Guatemala with this project, please! For more information please contact Mitch McKinley at (406) 314-8321 or via email at The Rotary Club of Mazatenango is the host club in Guatemala.



Welcome to our Club!

We meet Wednesdays at 6:00 PM
Simkins Hallin Room above Rocks
33 Lone Peak Drive
Big Sky, MT  59716
United States of America