Posted by Mohn on Apr 15, 2019
Big Sky Rotary has recently donated $2500 to The La Vega Water Project and $2500 to the Maya Pedal Project in Guatemala.  Our Big Sky Club members, Laura and Lee, along with three Lone Peak High School Seniors, are currently volunteering in Guatemala to help facilitate both projects.

Phase I: Water Global Grant 18-72020 in La Vega, Guatemala

Our Rotary project will impact over 1,300 lives in the community of La Vega, Guatemala by providing a safe and reliable drinking water source (Phase I) and sanitation services (Phase II). Phase I will involve drilling a well, constructing a water storage tank, and installing water distribution lines to homes. Phase I to provide potable water will cost $290,000. The second phase to improve sanitation will be constructed after Phase I is complete and operational.

Currently, residents of La Vega rely on individual shallow wells that are generally 30 feet (9.1 m) deep. Homes in the community use individual pit toilets. Therefore, most wells are contaminated by fecal coliform necessitating the need to boil water before drinking. In addition, the community is surrounded by sugar cane and rubber tree plantations and is located at the end of a large watershed. The proximity to production agricultural and location within the watershed introduces other pollutants to their drinking water. Water borne diseases are a constant presence in the community resulting in lost wages and poor health outcomes.

Phase I will solve the issue of contaminated water. To implement a successful project, our Rotary coalition has built strong partnerships with local and international organizations: Fundazucar, Rotary Club of Mazatenango, Engineers Without Borders, and a Guatemalan engineer. This project will be assisted through in-kind contributions from the communities in the form of local labor, local funding, and local leadership.

By providing clean and accessible water, this grant will give much-needed support to the existing community. With your support we can assist this community sustain and growth in a healthy environment.

We need you, your club, and district to help raise these funds to change lives. This project is led by Mitch McKinley with the Rotary Club of Kalispell, Montana in Rotary District 5390. We plan to submit this Global grant in June 2019. Help us transform the lives of people in Guatemala with this project, please! For more information please contact Mitch McKinley at (406) 314-8321 or via email at The Rotary Club of Mazatenango is the host club in Guatemala.