"As the recipient of last year's scholarship, I figured you guys would want an update on my educational status!  I am still enrolled in the Montana State University Honors College pursuing my degree in microbiology on the pre-veterinary medicine track.  My freshman year was a whirlwind of activity. I greatly enjoyed my classes pertaining to biology and animal science; I did not enjoy the chemistry and calculus quite as much, but they were character builders and I saw myself improve.  Besides my classwork, I was involved heavily in Korean Club (I achieved fluency in the Korean language in February) as well as in Intervarsity, a fantastic Christian organization that does amazing things on campus.  Thanks to your scholarship, I was able to spend more time on both my classes and my extracurricular activities and less time worrying about my financial status.  Thank you so much for your generosity; it means the world to me!
Hope you are all staying healthy and happy!
Thank you again for your support,"
Alexine Liddle